Will defaulting on my loan affect my Veda credit file?

NO, we do not report people to credit agencies. We also will NOT chase you for the debt as your security will be sold to pay out your loan.

What happens if I have the money to pay off my loan early?

There are NO penalty fees for early payouts.

Do you conduct background checks into my credit history?

NO credit check required, we have your valuable item pledged as security to secure against your loan.

What if I have a bad credit history, can you still help me?

Yes! Your item of value will provide the security against your loan.

Where does Loan Lenders actually store my items?

All watches, gold, and jewellery are stored in commercial fire proof safes under highly secured conditions in our secured facility under 24 hour video surveillance and monitoring. We store fine art &&hell

What if my jewellery is broken or incomplete?

We make you an offer on your jewellery & precious metals based on the weight, purity & quality. If your valuable item is missing a diamond, gemstone or is simply damaged…

What if I dont pay back my loan?

Most of our customers redeem their pawned items. Since we hate selling items of sentimental value, our financial department is always willing to work with you to figure out a repayment…

What payment methods are available to payback my loan?

For your convenience we provide the following payment options; cash, eftpos, direct debit from your bank account, bank cheque or bank deposit.

How does Loan Lenders determine my loan or purchase offer?

Our offer is based on your items re-sale value, which is determind by using real-time pricing data and our certified team of valuers.

What sort of items do you accept as security for a loan?

Watches brands such as; Omega, Tag Heuer, Rolex, Cartier, Ebel, Breitling, Patek Phillipe, Panerai, Audemars, Chopard, Piguet, Franck Muller, Tissot, Gucci, Chanel and more Jewellery & diamonds including Es