We are an established Gold Coast Pawn Shop offering the best rates and service

The experienced team at Loan Lenders have been assisting people with converting their valuables into cash and providing short-term loans for many years. We offer the highest buy/ LVR (Loan to value ratio) prices for goods in our region.  We’ve established a loyal customer base and continue to offer excellent service, boast knowledgeable staff and have a friendly approach to lending that keeps people coming back!

Leanne Coneybear CEO, Valuer
Leanne Coneybear CEO
F.G.A.A Gemmologist
Certified Diamond Grader & Valuer

What we offer

Loan Lenders provides pawn loans in the Southeast Queensland region, lending from $50 up to $100,000 secured against items of value, such as; Watches, Gold, Diamonds, Jewellery, Cars, Antiques, Fine Art, Collectables, Electronics, and other items of value.

Our lending model allows us to offer our clients a discreet, flexible and personal service, allowing them to take out a loan without any credit checks. So next time you’re in need of some cash fast, give us a call on 07 5531 1422 or visit our store at Southport in the Gold Coast.

Great Customer Service

We aspire to provide a world class service to all our customers.

  • Always demonstrate urgency, transparency, honesty, integrity and respect
  • Use experts and industry-leading tools so that we accurately value our customers’ assets and lend responsibly
  • Offer the highest available loan amounts, against the broadest range of assets
  • We offer you complete financial privacy with no credit checks or employer contact
  • Make our customers interactions with us easy and hassle free

Loan values are dependent on the value and type of assets secured. All pawn loans are subject to terms and conditions. Loan Lenders is a responsible asset lender and does not conduct credit checks as we only ever lend against your assets.

Pawn Broker and Second Hand Dealer license number;  3384812